Problem Solver, Starter and Innovator.

I like to tackle problems and solve them using technology while trying to innovate using my 20+ years in the IT industry where I created websites, desktop applications, kiosks, mobile apps, API’s even embedded UI’s for devices and laid foundations for start-ups like Stefanka Tech, Quick Report Systems, Task’nTrack and also some established companies like Bombardier, CAE, LearJet, Broadcom, MediaClip, Bell, Adobe, even Government Canadian Forces and Natural Resources Canada.

Although some people think of me as a programmer, I am not. Programming is just one of my skills. My process is simple: I solve problems with pen and paper, analyse, plan, simplify, strategize, choose the right language(s), micro-architectures and then I program. Some of my favorite languages are PHP, C#, TypeScript and ActionScript. (Currently learning Python).

I am platform agnostic and comfortable with a Terminal, Windows, MacOS or Linux as (Love MINT!) and Mobile OS like iOS and Android.

Speaking and Books

Speaker and Author, I spoke at several international conferences like FITC, PHPQuebec, Adobe MAX, Spark and WebDU.

Published two books by Apress: Flex for designers and Foundation Flash Catalyst.