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Languages to learn in 2019

  1. PHP 7 + {CSS + JavaSript)
  2. C# + {XAMARIN}
  3. TypeScript + {VS CODE}
  4. Python + {VS CODE}

This is my list of languages I see relevant to pick up this year. PHP7 is really fast now and OO ready after version 7. Since WordPress is abiut 60% it is an important language to learn but you got to know CSS and JavaScript otherwise you are handycap.

C# is a pretty modern language, multi purpose and in combination with Xamarin and Visual Studio is powerfull.

TypeScript is like ActionScript could of been if flash did not have died. Also super useful if you want code on something a bit more elegant than JS and want to lear Angular and other frameworks.

Python was the last language in my mind, however as Vulcans say the need of the many outweights the need of the few. Python is easy and was adopted by scientist and universities to do anything like data science and AI. Need I say more?